Question Thursday: Songs From Gringott’s Vault

So, MoM just released a “new” album, Songs From Gringott’s Vault, which is, besides the last song, are entirely re-releases of old songs, to make a “Best Of” album. [So, this sentence was written during one of the many long 'pedia-droughts,and during a time when I periodically asked questions of twitter, along the lines of "Funniest wrock song?" or "Wrock song that makes you cry?" or stuff like that.  And I was considering starting my own Question Tuesdays thing, but it just never got off the ground.  I really wasn't trying to beat the "I Hate MoM" horse into the ground, especially since that's not even a real horse, but the question was going to be what songs that were left off the "Best Of" album do you wish were included?]

[Basically, I just wanted to use this as an excuse to once again plug "Phoenix Lament", which is hands down the best thing MoM has ever made, one of the few songs in wizard rock I hold up as legitimate art, and one of my very favorite wizard rock songs of all time.  And I was very disappointed it was left off this album for two reasons: firstly, I fucking love this song and unf and yes and I was sad that it got shafted.  Secondly, and more importantly, the song feeds directly into the last song on the album, which is fine, but if you're listening on shuffle, it sounds abruptly cut off. Now, this is a sacrifice you have to make often when doing those sorts of transitions between songs, and that's just how it works, and that's fine.  But the opportunity to remaster the song and just close up the ending more smoothly was a great one, and unfortunately an opportunity that was not taken.

By the way, you can still comment on these things, I won't bite off too much of your leg.  So you can suggest your own shafted songs if you want.  Or, you know, not.]

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